Downtown Criterium
Haverhill, MA

august 18, 2019


Shoe City Pro Circuit 2019  is canceled due to road construction on a significant portion of the course.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and safest race possible for both our riders and our spectators and re-routing the course wasn’t an option. We are disappointed that we aren’t able to tackle these turns this year, but we are fully dedicated to making sure we have a stellar race next year.

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Course Description

The Start/Finish Line is located adjacent to the registration area at Battlegrounds Cafe.
Racers will roll out and turn left on Emerson Street climbing the course’s only hill. Racers crests the hill and turns left on Walnut Street and left to descend on Locust Street. The course crosses Essex Street and passes the parking garage on Granite Street. At the end of Granite Street, racers turn left through Railroad Square and left again onto Washington Street. The course runs the length of the restaurant district on Washington Street towards the Start/Finish Line at Battlegrounds Cafe. The Washington Street portion of the course is a long, slightly down-hill straight away which will host some of the largest crowds of spectators.

What you need to know


Registration is available online or through day-of registration. Pre-registration online will close Friday, August 16th. at 6:00pm. Day–of registration will be open, as space permits, with an additional $10.00 day-of fee. Event entry fee includes a $3.50 USA Cycling insurance surcharge fee as well as a $1.00 NEBRA surcharge per rider.

Registration will be inside at The Switchboard (43Washington St. Haverhill, MA 01832)



One-day licenses will be available for purchase at registration for $10 (payable to USA
Cycling) to participate in the Men’s Category 5 race or the Women’s Category 4/5 race.

Field Limits

All fields will be limited to 100 entrants with the exceptions of the Men’s 5 field, which will be limited to 75 entrants and the Women’s 4 field, which will be limited to 75 entrants.


Registration and check-in will open at 10:30am, and will close 30 minutes before each event. All riders must present a valid and current USAC or UCI license.

Registration will be inside at The Switchboard (43Washington St. Haverhill, MA 01832)

Race cancellation and refunds

Race cancellation or abbreviation will only occur due to unsafe weather/race conditions, and will be up to the discretion of the USA Cycling officials. BikeReg reserves the right to not allow race entry refunds to pre-registered participants..


There is ample public parking in the vicinity of the race. There is also an MBTA Commuter Rail and Amrak rail station adjacent to the course.

  • Parking is be located at the Goeke Parking Deck at 86 Merrimack Street Haverhill, MA 01830. This lot can also be accessed from Haverhill Place off of Bailey Boulevard. Additional parking is available at the Granite Street Garage at 43 Granite Street Haverhill, MA 01832 and at the municipal lot at the corner of Essex and Locust Streets. All of Washington Street will be closed during the event so check your GPS and plan your route accordingly.
  • Rail access is available via the MBTA Haverhill Line and the Amtrak Downeaster. Both lines stop at Haverhill Station overlooking the course at Railroad Square. Consult weekend schedules for both lines.

Will be in the form of Port-o-Johns and will be available in the parking lot next to Battlegrounds Cafe 39 Washington Street Haverhill, MA 01830. Any public urination or otherwise inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, and will lead to immediate disqualification and potential fines or criminal penalty.


Each field will have their staging take place between the Start/Finish Line and Railroad Square. Riders should be prepared and at the staging area at which point the USA Cycling officials will brief the individual categories on the rules and logistics of the race.

Neutral Start

The pace vehicle will lead each racing category from staging around the race loop for a one-lap neutral start. Live racing will begin at first crossing of the Start/Finish Line at which point the pace car will accelerate away.

Center Line Rule

All roads on which the race course is located will be closed to traffic. Racers may use the entire road surface between the race barricades or curbs (if no barricades are present). The Center Line Rule is not in effect

“Dropped” Racers

We will make every attempt to allow all racers finish their events. Racers who are lapped or about to be lapped will be pulled at the Start/Finish Line. Marshals will be present to direct racers to pull off the course.

Finish Line Location

The finish line is located in front of Battle Grounds Coffee (39 Washington St) A Roll-off area will be provided beyond the Finish Line so that sprinting racers do not need to brake hard after crossing the Finish Line. After crossing the finish line all riders should continue straight along Washington Street. Do not ride backwards on the course and do not cross the finish line again 8A5(j) after your race has been completed. No “cooling down” on the race course will be permitted.

Number Placement -

One number tag will be used. One should be pinned on the on the left side of the jersey. Do not crumple, fold, overlap, or cut numbers. USA Cycling officials reserve the right to disqualify or not score and place racers with number tags improperly placed or altered 8A1(j).


Results and awards will be posted/distributed, respectively, at registration following each
race. Please give the race staff ample time to tabulate the results. A brief awards ceremony will be conducted to celebrate the category winners. Cash awards will be given to the top 3 finishers

Neutral Ride Support

Neutral support is not available. The wheel pit will be located adjacent to the start finish line. Wheels in wheels out.

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